UP4. You too can become an ambassador of the New Knowledge

Quotes from the book "I, You, and All of Us" (p. 166 and 218)

Despite the multiple obvious confirmations of the reality of the Cosmic Hierarchy, even these researchers and observers who have provided the figures of our table themselves find it difficult to accept the existence of our Cosmic Hierarchy. We must emphasise here that the Cosmic Hierarchy of our Solar System could actually already be introduced in traditional natural science and discussed without our Unified Physics. It is astonishing and sad at the same time that today whole generations of young people all over the world still leave their schools without learning a single word about this wonderfully ordered cosmic environment of the Earth. You, as readers of this book, should also feel obliged to improve this deplorable situation through education. It will probably be decades before schools are officially prepared to do this.

As we can see from our Cosmic Time Scale (in the previous appendix), since 1989 (and more precisely since 1 November 1989) we have all been living in the seventh civilisatory period of recent human history, in the First Global Civilisation. It will theoretically come to an end in the year 3108. So we are at the very beginning of our journey. We all have to learn to communicate globally, to live together, and to give a future to the further evolution of us humans, but also of all animals and the environment itself.

We have learned that the Solar System will be completely restructured in 78 million years at the latest. The life of Primates (the order to which we also belong), however, will already end in 8 million years. However, we cannot know today whether an act of self-extinction of humanity will take place sometime earlier (i.e. prematurely). We can only hope that when the new knowledge will open our eyes (and hearts) to the life of all living beings on Earth, we will still banish the deadly "mental" virus of individualism, of the "atomisation" of our world community, in time. And we can hope that our social defences will grow so strongly through the necessary amount of human "antibodies" that we will manage never to return to the logic of the Medieval Civilisation (which actually ended only 32 years ago) of violence, inhumanity, greed and fanaticism. That is what I wish for myself and all the people of the world.

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