UP5. Why environmental protection is necessary, but climate protection is impossible!

Quote from the book "I, You, and All of Us" (p. 221)

Your young generation has been awakened by the terrible vision of the collapse of the Earth's global climate. It was not your fault that many traditional scientists sided with the money-grubbing economy. So-called climate protection was artificially declared to be the most important concern of our world community and was heated up more and more with strange methods. I have already stressed several times in this book that the environmental catastrophe threatening us all must indeed be taken very seriously. At the same time, I have also appealed for people to stop "climate protection" because that is a misunderstanding. The climate on Earth is not an earthly phenomenon, but a cosmic one. We cannot "protect" this climate. Just as we cannot "protect" the sun or the solar system. What is, however, one of our most urgent and important tasks is to prepare ourselves and our descendants as effectively as possible for the effects of current and future natural changes in the global climate.

Climate models based only on the analysis of the Earth's surface and atmosphere cannot reflect historical reality because they ignore the cosmic nature of the global climate. A reliable climate model must also allow for a historically accurate reconstruction of past periods in the Earth's climate. And not just over decades, but over millennia. None of the climate models that today's science "sells" us can do that. None! No matter how many hundreds or thousands of the traditionalists will get together. On the other hand, the simplest analysis of the Earth's energetic embedding in the Cosmic Hierarchy of the Solar System leads to an excellent match between our climate model and historical reality. The last almost two thousand years of this reconstruction are shown in the following diagram. It clearly shows the Medieval Optimum of the global climate (section 4) and the current Optimum (section 12), as well as the Little Ice Age (section 9). But you can also see that the global climate in the 14th century was even colder than in the 17th century. One also sees that the traditionally preferred restriction of the analysis to the years between 1860 to 1990 does not allow a generally valid conclusion when it comes to the causes of the rising global temperature during this period. In our cosmic analysis, on the other hand, there is no human factor for the actual increase in global temperature in this period 1860-1990.

The additional advantage of our cosmic analysis is the possibility to look into the future. The upper diagram also presents the prediction of the change in the global temperature of the Earth's surface up to the year 2500. In the next few centuries, the Earth will never be as warm as it has been in recent decades. The 24th century will be "bitterly" cold again. The only possibility of a temporary warming of the Earth lies in the slowly intensifying impacts of cosmic bodies on the Earth. But we should rather not hope for that, because with our present science and technology we can do even less against such impacts than against the coming changes in the global climate. Therefore, we should rather concentrate on a better design of our world community in the coming decades and centuries. Hopefully, our descendants will find a better solution to future problems than we are capable of today.

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